exhibition of Fülöp Nagy photographer's photos

Saved lights – The history of my family in pictures

2022. 06. 09. – 2022. 07. 10.

“Philip Nagy’s photographs are photographic narratives, spanning decades, about the artist’s surroundings and his family, most of whom are also creative people. Looking through the pictures, we can experience what it is like to grow up in a large family, where art and creative work are not only present on exceptional days, but are a natural part of everyday life.”

István P. Lantos (Denhoda)

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CURATOR: István Lantos P. Denhoda, photographer
OPENING:  9 June 2022, 6pm
OPENING SPEECH BY: Tamás Deme PhD, associate professor, cultural researcher
MUSIC BY: Balázs Molnár – flute, kaval-flute; Ilona Molnár – koboz-lute, vocals; Bence Nagy Bence – kaval-flute, jew’s harp
VENUE: 2091 Etyek, Magyar utca 65
until 10 July 2022, by prior arrangement: info@etyekimuhely.hu
Supported by:
Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
Miniszterelnökség Nemzetpolitikai Államtitkárság
Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma