exhibition of András Kontur sculptor

Stone Souls

2024. 05. 16. – 2024. 06. 07.

András Kontur (1973) sculptor graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2008, his masters were Ádám Farkas and Zoltán Karmó. While preserving the ancient, geometric, clean formal world, his works include innovation. The dynamism stretched in his sculptures is created by the difference in the surfaces: whether polished to perfection or roughly shaped, or even left broken. The forming of the ancient order in his works always begins with the careful choice of materials, followed by their precise machining. The rocks used, whether domestic or foreign, always carry the important message of extinct eras, by adding new layers of meaning to the works. The geometric or curved forms are thus combined with the phenomenon of changing and vanishing time, so that, while immersed in the works, we can always be attentive to the message of the past, the sculptures still reflect a frozen state of the present. Sun statues, lenses, spears, soul symbols appear in his works, in which the energies of the feminine and masculine, the forces of light and darkness are expressed in their specific duality. Symbols are central to Kontur’s sculptural work, enabling him to express underlying connotations. He is a continually experimental artist who develops innovative solutions to create translucent surfaces by breaking through and thinning extremely hard granite or limestone. In this way, light becomes the defining feature of the sculptures, allowing them to express their sacred messages as well.
Réka Fazakas, art writer

photos by István Lantos

Additional info

OPENING: 16th May 2024 at 6 p.m.
CURATOR: Réka Fazakas, art writer

WELCOME SPEECH: Gyula Lucza chairman of the board of trustees of the Etyek Workshop Foundation

OPENING SPEECH: Réka Fazakas, art writer
Annamária Farkas vocals
Marianna Csillag harp, zither
Dávid Eredics saxophone, clarinet
Koppány Nagy violin, lute
VENUE: 2091 Etyek, Magyar utca 65.
ON VIEW: until 7th June 2024, Tuesday-Friday 10 am to 5 p.m., or by prior arrangement: +36 20 622 8123 / hello@etyekimuhely.hu
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