Night of Museums – Polyhistors

Night of Museums – Polyhistors

Exhibition of Csókos Varga Györgyi and Csákvári Nagy Lajos artists, and Midsummer eve’s campfire with music

Pieces from the fruitful material of the parallel life works of the two artists are presented in the exhibition. Both artists were polyhistors in the noble, renaissance meaning of the word. Their versatility and universal approach are proved by the sculptures, paintings, drawings, mosaiques and folkweaves. The traditional, yet modern art of the Hungarian Heritage award winning Csókos Varga Györgyi and Csákvári Nagy Lajos artists organically integrates the valuable knowledge heaped in the past into the culture of present days.

There are excellent musicians and dancers occurring in the artist family, who hold a concert on the opening ceremony of the exhibition, at midsummer eve. The shortest night of the year is celebrated by rituals connected to fire in numerous cultures. The peak of the evening program is the campfire, by which the audience will be entertained by the musicians.